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Ben Mortara - My New Comic Book Hero!

I'm thrilled to introduce my new comic book series called "Ben Mortara and the Thieves of the Golden Table" from Maggid Comics and Source Point Press!

This series is a thrilling adventure story that blends contemporary archaeology with a fantastic world of ancient Jewish folklore and mythology. The story follows globetrotting archaeologist Ben Mortara on his mission to recover the legendary Golden Table of Solomon, an ancient artifact with unusual and valuable powers. Along the way, he gets help from a host of memorable characters, including a devout Afghani 'fixer', an Israeli antiquities sleuth, and a mysterious, ultra-secretive benefactor.

I created this exciting new series with the talented team at Maggid Comics, a new imprint of Source Point Press. The brainchild of Ramy Dubrow and Dave McLees, Maggid is leading the charge to create great Jewish comics for all audiences. I've been working with Source Point since August to help launch Maggid Comics, and am now the imprint's "interim editor-in-chief". This month, we're introducing several comics series, including "The Adventures of Levi Marcus" about Wyatt Earp's gunslinging Jewish nephew, "Partisan 42", a supernatural action thriller set in Europe during WWII, "Shabbos Tales", a kids' series in which anthropomorphic Judaica objects have madcap adventures in the 18 minutes before sunset on Friday, and "Reb Meilech's Tales", a compilation of the Hassidic-inspired stories of Reb Meilech Dubrow, OBM.

Some of the new titles now available from Maggid Comics

In "Ben Mortara", we're launching a fantastic world with an exciting mix of adventure, fantasy, and Jewish history. I've written the series for both comic book fans and those who are new to the medium. It's meant to be an ideal starting point for anyone looking to explore Jewish history and folklore in a fun and entertaining way. I hope you'll join me for this thrilling adventure and help Ben Mortara in his quest to reveal history's mysteries!

Ben Mortara shines a flashlight at an ancient dagger inside a newly-discovered ancient tomb.
Ben Mortara in "The Hidden Tomb" - a 12- page mini-story, now available from Maggid Comics

The first "teaser" issue of "Ben Mortara and the Thieves of the Golden Table" is out now and available at Issue 1 of the series will be available where comic books are sold in March, 2023.

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Rob Tevis
Rob Tevis

Will we ever get #4? I've been waiting to see how the story ends! Any news would be good.

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