I’m a writer/director of character-driven adventures and thrillers, where heroes grapple with the extraordinary, and in doing so, learn important truths about themselves.

I spent most of my childhood between worlds: a Hebrew speaker in America, a private school kid with no money, a suburbanite in a rented apartment. Whenever I’d set foot in one world, my other foot would betray me as different. For that reason, I tell stories that embrace the peculiar, where encounters with the strange reveal who we are.

I’ve been making movies since that mid-90s childhood. I studied the

films of the greatest entertainers, emulated their styles, and came up with methods of my own. My films have screened around the globe, earning praise and press at dozens of film festivals from India to Idyllwild. I’ve even had the pleasure of expanding one recent short into a full-length graphic novel.


Now, with several fresh screenplays ready to go, I’m looking to build my team, forge new partnerships, and once again elevate difference on the big screen.