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Before I knew I wanted to be a filmmaker, I wrote stories. As far back as second grade, I remember writing longhand in a spiral-bound notebook, then reading my work to my classmates.
Film soon entered my life and became my dominant medium, but - perhaps inevitably - I eventually returned to telling stories on the page.

Books: Projects

Brother's Keeper

Single-Issue Comic Book, OxRock Productions, 2023
Illustrated by Joshua M. Edelglass
Colors by Aljoša Tomić

Available from the Publisher


E-book available in Hebrew from the following retailers: (US & Global) (Israel)


A dramatic retelling of my grandfather's harrowing story from Israel's 1948 War of Independence.

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Books: Projects


Graphic Novel - Kar-Ben Publishing, 2022
Illustrated by Joshua Edelglass

Available from the Publisher

Also Available on Amazon

A dramatic expansion of the story I first told in a short film, this middle-grade graphic novel follows José, a young refugee from the Spanish Inquisition, who falls in with the mysterious Pirate Captain Toledano.

Nominee: JewCie Award in Historical Narrative from the Jewish Comics Experience, 2023

Winner of the PJ Our Way Author Incentive Award from the Harold Grinspoon Foundation.

Toledano cover_Amazon.jpg
Books: Projects

"José and the Pirate Captain Toledano"

is available at many online retailers in the US and around the world.

It is also available directly from the publisher's website.

Here is a partial list of places where you can order copies:
(list is updated periodically)

Where to Buy

Ben Mortara Logo

Comic Book Series - Maggid Comics, an imprint of Source Point Press, 2022-2023
Illustrated by Kat Baumann

Colors by Kat Baumann (ashcan), Alex Zeif (Issues 1-4)

Letters by Dave Lentz

Covers by Kat Baumann, Malia Ewart, Scotty Schlueter, Olivia Rock
Current Issues Available from the Publisher

Pre-order New Issues from the Previews Catalog

Action and mystery abound as Professor Ben Mortara embarks on yet another globe-trotting archaeological adventure! In this issue, Ben is presented with a career-defining opportunity to solve the mystery of the Map of Solomon – a magical map that reveals the location of a powerful treasure. Ben is accompanied by Salman, his mysterious benefactor's trusty and resourceful assistant. Together, they explore ancient palaces and secret chambers in search of the map, staying one step ahead of the many forces that seek the treasure (and its power) for themselves.


Sample Pages

Issues 1-4 of "Ben Mortara and the Thieves of the Golden Table"

can be ordered from many online comics retailers
in the US and around the world.

They can also be ordered directly from the publisher's website:

Where to Buy


Serialized Novel,
published weekly through Amazon's Kindle Vella


Read the latest chapters HERE.

In this post-Apocalyptic tale of physical and cultural survival, Abe, a Jewish fugitive, joins a band of refugees on a harrowing journey through the lands of the New Dominion, where religion is a crime. He soon learns that these refugees are smuggling a digital "ark," key to Judaism's survival. When New Dominion forces come for the ark, will Abe give it up to save himself? Find out in this weekly sci-fi "Exodus" adventure from the trailblazer of modern Jewish genre fiction, Arnon Z. Shorr.

WAYFARERS - Kindle Vella (Custom).jpg
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