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Upcoming Graphic Novel wins PJ Our Way Author Incentive Award!

Some happy news to start the year! My upcoming graphic novel, "José and the Pirate Captain Toledano" just won a PJ Our Way Author Incentive Award!

Back in April, 2020, Joshua Edelglass and I were given the happy news that the manuscript for our book won a partial Author Incentive Award from the PJ Our Way book selection committee. At the time, "the committee was unanimous in believing that the manuscript showed great potential".

That was just as Josh was beginning the yearlong process of illustrating the book.

The partial award opens the door to receiving the full award once the book is complete (if it meets the committee's expectations). So Josh and I knew we had to make sure to knock the artwork out of the park! So Josh worked relentlessly on those illustrations, I gave critical (sometimes painful) feedback when it was necessary (which was rare!) and we tweaked and modified and made improvements based on notes from our publisher, Kar-Ben.

Now, the book has gone to press (and, I'm told, is in the hands of reviewers! Yikes!) I've been a huge fan of Josh's work on the book this whole time, and I'm really excited for the rest of you to see it. But it's one thing for me to cheer for the book. Quite another to get the validation of a third party's opinion (validation that comes with a cash prize, no less!)

So I'm grateful to the PJ Our Way Book Selection Committee for this award.

Now go pre-order it! (The book hits bookstores on 5/1/22, but is currently available for pre-orders on Amazon or your favorite online retailer).

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